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Fairgrounds Office

218-829-6680 e-mail:


Sharon Ryappy, President 218-839-0270
Jack Durand, Vice President 651-587-5261
Sheri Doucimo, Secretary 770-990-8211
Chris Doucimo, Treasurer 770-990-8211



Bob Dambowy 218-829-8190
Gary Doucette 218-838-9671
Chad Turcotte  
Tom Malloy 218-829-2238
Corey Hins 218-316-0331
Barb Burgwald 218-828-1507
Rick Jaeger 763-234-7297
Tammy Blazek  218-829-1747


General Manager

Gary Doucette 218-838-9671


Space Rental Coordinator

Marge Hillman 218-820-5352


Superintendent of Fine Arts

 Christine Warner 218-232-1647


Superintendent of Photography

Rob Fitzsimmons 218-821-6965


Superintendent of Youth Arts

Kay Johnson 218-829-9709


Superintendent of 4-H Building

Toni Gage 218-824-1069


Superintendent of Horticulture

Mary & Bob Kennedy 207-944-0469


Superintendent of Kids Kountry

Gwen Pierzinski 218-829-5680


Superintendent of Cattle

Bob Dambowy 218-829-8190


Superintendent of Horses

Tammi Blazek 218-829-1747


Superintendent of Poultry

Michelle Bernatsky 218-839-9804


Superintendent of Rabbits

Amanda Malloy 218-838-8536


Superintendent of Sheep, Swine,  Goats & Llama

Ron Jensen 218-829-6876


Superintendent of FFA

Magnus Nelson 218-330-6971

Livestock Show Coordinators

Becky Moe 218-829-7215
Melissa Rahto 218-820-4783


Horse Show Coordinator

Jenny Peterson 218-820-7655



 JoAnne Tuil


Winter Storage



Official Veterinarian

Ann Domagala 218-825-4963


Ag Day Coordinator

Gary Doucette 218-838-9671


Kids Day Coordinator

Kathy Stevens 218-839-6042


Talent/Teen Day Coordinator

Sharron Ryappy 218-855-0654


Grandstand Coordinator

Tom Malloy 218-829-2238


Senior Day Coordinator

Rosanne Caughey 218-828-1998


Superintendent of Northland Stage

Tammie Holtz 218-820-0394